Even MORE Crafty Influence

Well golly gee, we skipped one!
Out in Denver, far away from Marimello-land, The Denver Post has been speaking to our friend and Craft editor, Carla Sinclair. Read the article here for some stats on just how much money the average American home spends on crafting. The Post draws the conclusion that, duh, people are sick of a lacking variety of things to buy, but that also people are following a new trend of green living. Well?! Which is it!??!

But more importantly, can you believe how LITTLE the average bored/green American is spending on craft supplies etc? $476!? These statisticians are obviously not tallying Marimello Enterprise's receipts...


More Craft the Vote

Not that we haven't seen this type of thing all OVER the blog world, and granted the article is a little stale, but it's still good to know that Slate is on the crafty side. The article is still surprising late coming readers, though, as indicated by today's citing by the Loyolan, here. Anyway, here in Marimello-land, we're feeling a little bit of a snooze in the crafty community. And not just because it's Friday. And we had pie for lunch. Maybe this politics thing will get us off our butts this weekend. That and good trawl through Ravelry, where we were FINALLY invited to play. Thanks Jess!



CRAFT and MAKE flix

Oh CRAFT, how do we love thee? Well we can count one more reason to love CRAFT now--a new DVD rental service. With everything from airbrushing to tatting, visual learners (Marimello included) now have a one stop shop for instructional DVDs. And for you MAKE fans, there's a MAKE service too.

We're looking forward to receiving Kente--Woven Ceremonial Cloths of Ghana. And though the price is a little steep ($9.99 for 48 minutes, gulp) we're pretty sure we're not going to find this one on any shelf of our local rental shop.



I Heart Rummage is Back

From our dear friends at I Heart Rummage:


Welcome back to IHR!!! Hope everyone had a good summer! We're rarin' to get back into some shopping action and have a fun-filled few months in store for everyone. This month's show is noticeably NOT on the first Sunday. As you all must know by now, we were at Bumbershoot on the first Sunday, and we had a fantastic time! Thanks to all who came by the booth!

The special guest for this September's IHR is our good friends from Tacoma, UrbanXchange. If you haven't had a chance to get down to the shop yet, owner Julie Bennett will have a handful of treasures from her shop, including some pieces from her own local Tacoma designers.

Our DJ for September will be one of our faves, DJ Jessie Beans! Look for her to start selling again too!

OH! And our NEW issue of the IHR Zine is available! This issue showcases our wonderful toymakers!

The September IHR is being sponsored by IZZE Sparkling Juice. IZZE will be providing free sparkling juice beverages to everyone (while supplies last).

Recently we were contacted by the Washington Lawyers for the Arts. We would like to work together to help aspiring artists & designers protect their growing businesses through education. Currently the WLA is putting on a class called Counterfeit Chic. Read more about it below. Artists & designers pay only $10 to attend! You are guranteed to save many times that much by learning to protect yourself!

We have good news to report - one of the recent death row dogs was adopted by a relative of an IHR customer! That's two dogs we have helped save now! Thank you to those kind hearted customers of ours! We love you!
And thanks again to the Crocodile Cafe for letting us meet here each month! We'll be back in two weeks for the normally scheduled Oct. IHR! We know you can't get enough of us!!!



Where are you showing off this fall

We know. The holidays always sort of sneak up on everyone. Maybe more so if you are planning on showing off this fall at a craft show or two. So here's a friendly reminder that applications are out for Felt Club XL and Boston Bazaar Bizarre. We in Marimello-ville are still stuck in our 90 degree heat wave though. So don't excpect any wooly scarves any time soon. We might be up for NaNoSweMo, but that is all up to the weather. If we are still knitting in euroflax come November, we're gonna cry.

And speaking of Felt Club, this week we're off to the L.A. County Fair to see what they're up to.



Did Etsy Just Get Better

If you haven't already heard, Etsy retired the Etsy Garden Blog earlier this week and debuted the Storque. We think this is a much more interesting way of presenting the goings on of Etsy, and we're happy to see so many Etsians who can write their way out of a paper bag. But what do you think? Will this format fly? On an internet that is absolutely swamped with online mags, does the Storque still reflect the innovation we normally associate with the web design behind Etsy?
As always, Marimello if obsessing over new marketing tools, so we're interested to see what you think of this infant Storque. Leave a comment, or contact us directly and let us know what you think.