Upcoming Craft Events: February 28 to March 2

Marimello loves them craft events. Send us yours so we don't start reporting all the Demolition Derbies we could be posting here.

Fresh Impressions: Letterpress in Contemporary Art opening at the Oregon College of Art and Craft (runs through March 20)--the exhibition explores the relevance of letterpress printing in contemporary art, while seeking to define its significance to current art making practices. The participating artists include Abra Ancliffe, Jan Baker, Amy Borezo, Sarah Bryant, Macy Chadwick, Julie Chen, Wendy Fernstrum, Heather Green, Carl Haase, Diane Jacobs, Alicia McKim, Heidi Neilson, Erin Newell, Amy Pirkle, Robin Price, Harry Reese, John Riesseeuw, Regula Russelle, Wilbur Schilling, CB Sherlock, Amy Sterly, and Rachel Wiecking.

Saturday, March (no, seriously it's MARCH already?) 1:
Tinlark Gallery opening for The Garden That You Planted, featuring new paintings by Katherine Chiu and Ramis Kim at 5pm. But double super bonus! Also opening 3/1 is Mother's School, a solo show of drawings and mixed media creations by Alyson Fox. Marimello has a major crush on Alyson Fox, who you maybe have recently met on Design for Mankind's recent post.

And as usual, you have the NYC events: The Market NYC and Artist and Fleas

Sunday, March 2:
This week The Southpark Flea Market is back in Los Angeles. For reals. We swear. If it rains, Marimello will eat a knitting needle.
And don't forget to check out I Heart Rummage in its new digs at Chop Suey in Seattle.

Do you have an event you would like to promote. We simply can't find everything out there and try as we might we miss a few. Please send Marimello your event details and we'll be sure to post them on the calendar.

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I Heart Rummage's Triumphant Return

Get your wallets ready because I Heart Rummage is BACK! Since the sad closure of Seattle's famed Crocodile Cafe (who really needs to take their site down, ahem), I Heat Rummage has been homeless. So big thanks to Pete for offering up Chop Suey in Capitol Hill.
Here's the details from Marimello's bestest Seattle crafty pal, Cassandra:

Chop Suey
325 E. Madison
Seattle, WA
Capitol Hill
12 NOON-4:00PM

All of us are looking forward to the new location, new layout, and new bar and food to try!!!
We need to let all our customers know that IHR is still an all ages event, however Chop Suey requires that ONLY 21+ enter the bar area, which is also where food is ordered. There is a 21+ lounge area where food can be enjoyed at a table, however children are not allowed in this area. There will also be 3 IHR vendors located in the bar area, in some cases, these spots may be had by our more racy vendors. Just lettin' ya know!
Also, as many of you may know, a local artist's husband, Nicholas Francisco has gone missing. Please watch the video here. We all hope for his safe return, but until that time, we would like to help out the family. IHR will have a donation box available for donations to the family. On Monday, the donations will be taken to the family's bank account. Please help this young family in this time of need.
Sooooo..... we'll see you all on Sunday! Expect many of your old faves as well as a whole bunch of new goodies that you're going to LOVE!!!!

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A Handmade Face

What's that? Marimello is a handmade face? Don't tell Mommimello. Or at least give her some genentic props when you do. These cheek bones didn't just come from the store.

If you aren't already a Modish fan, become one instantly. Jena has got a GREAT shop running and a blog that features more than mere Marimellos.

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Etsy News: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Marimello loves Etsy. Correction, Marimello wastes countless hours trawling Etsy for the new and unusual. Etsy is a great place to hook up with makers and crafters who share a similar goal of making consumerism more interesting to put it simply. If you want to talk about buying Indie and the handmade movement, Etsy is a goldmine.

But we're not trying to make selling there our day job and plenty of people are. One of the more important things Etsy has allowed crafters and maker to do is to participate in the creation of a new business model. (And for that, Marimello tips her NaikFur hat!)

Alas, that's just the big picture. For those of us keeping up with Unofficial Etsy News lately, it's no surprise that there is a bit of distention among the Etsian ranks. The Unofficial Etsy News blog is, of course, unrelated to the actual business of Etsy:

"UEN’s editors are NOT employed by Etsy or affiliated with Etsy; we just care about the community."

And the, um, goal of the site is stated thusly:

"If/when an Etsy-sanctioned news and announcements vehicle becomes available, this site will no longer be needed. At that point, it may continue in a limited capacity, change directions, or be no more! We’ll see, but until then, many thanks for reading."

So it is exactly zero surprise the Etsy, while providing the most crafty-user friendly site out there, leaves users with something to be desired. But it was a bit of a surprise however that this news hit the Consumerist yesterday. You can read the Consumerist's post here to get the gist of the gripe.

It reminds Marimello of a couple of real life jobs though. The head honchos start the wheels of restructuring, but in order to keep the momentum of the business, information about the details of the plan must be handled delicately. It raises the question of how much information about company structuring is too much information to be distributed and, more importantly, in the webby world of Etsy, where do the buyers and sellers factor into the chain of information dissemination?

[Image about is Clare Boothe Luce. And no offense Dorothy Parker, but when won't Clare's quote come in handy?]

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BUST's Craftacular Spring Fling: application due date March 30

Well no sooner do we promise deadline reminders than this little missive from BUST slides into the email box:

BUST Magazine is excited to announce the first ever Spring Fling Craftacular set to take place on Sunday April 27, 2008 at The Warsaw in Brooklyn! After 3 years of enormously successful Holiday Craftaculars, BUST is ready to spring into step with our first ever Springtime craft fair and '90s themed dance! We're bringing the party back to Brooklyn with over 50 vendors, DJs, dancing, and drinks.

We are handpicking the most unique and talented crafters we can find from across the country to sell their wares from 11am until 9pm at the Warsaw in Williamsburg, Brooklyn. Not only will we have the best in DIY shopping in town, but our Craftacular DJs will be spinning your favorite jams from the '90s for a Spring Fling dance that is too cool for school!

If you would like to participate as a vendor, applications are now available! There are no exceptions as to who can apply, and we'll consider everything: hip handmades, accessories, housewares, vamped up vintage clothing, knitwear, silk-screened items, cosmetics, paper goods, handbags, cards, and whatever else your crafty canny brings to the table. Here's how to participate:

1. Fill out our online vendor application, which can be found here. Applications will only be accepted online and must be submitted by March 30, 2008.

2. Pay the required non-refundable $10 application and processing fee that is payable at the time you submit your application. Checks and money orders should be made payable to BUST Magazine (78 Fifth Avenue, 5th Floor, New York, NY 10011, Attention: BUST Spring Fling Craftacular 2008) and must be postmarked by March 26, 2008 for your application to be considered. We will notify all applicants of their status on Tuesday April 1, 2008. If you are accepted as a vendor, your deposit will go towards the full booth fee of $225 due by April 11, 2008. All application and processing fees are non-refundable.

For a list of frequently asked questions, go here.
Got questions? E-mail us at craftacular@bust.com.

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Upcoming Craft Events: February 22 to 24

Lots to do in the coming weeks fellow crafties. Marimello is trying to keep tabs on the application due dates for you too, so expect another couple of muy importante lists coming your way. For now, here's your weekend agenda.


STITCHES West kicks off in Santa Clara. If you haven't been, STITCHES is just about the biggest yarn junkie fest with classes, shows and a marketplace to die for. It runs Friday and Saturday 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. and on Sunday from 10 a.m. to 4 p.m. Bring extra empty luggage. You'll need it.
Applications are due for the San Diego North Park Craft Mafia's Spring Line Up happening March 30th at the Silver Gate Masonic Hall

Saturday, February 23:
If you got a seat, don't forget to plop down into it at Machine Project in Echo Park, Los Angeles. This is the last weekend for Sewing 101, and it looks like there's still room for a few more students.
And as usual, you have the usual NYC events: The Market NYC and Artist and Fleas

Sunday, February 24:
[UPDATE: The Southpark Flea Market CANCELED DUE TO RAIN]
Today is your last chance to see Interlaced at the Oregon College of Art and Craft. Interlaced is a showcase of textile processes using alternative media and if you go Marimello would LOVE to hear about it. The exhibit is curated by Jiseon Lee Isbara and Heidi Schwegler and artists showing include Lanny Berger, Jerry Bleem, Elizabeth Brim, Cat Chow, Lyn Christiansen, Arline Fisch, John Garret, Lonna Keller, Lindsay Ketterer Gates, Aaron Kramer, and Tracy Krumm.
In San Francisco, check out the Mission Indie-Mart. Check out the wealth of independent local designers, offering everything from one of a kind fashions and reconstructed vintage to offbeat crafts, handmade jewelry and fun antiques. Enjoy cheap beer, hot plates, local DJs and the cream of the crop of SF’s indie designer scene.

Do you have an event you would like to promote. We simply can't find everything out there and try as we might we miss a few. Please send Marimello your event details and we'll be sure to post them on the calendar.

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Crafty Potential for the XBOX

Marimello needs your help. An Xbox just arrived in the house. We've already tricked out the controllers with stickers, but what next. We're not techy. Help help help! We sense great potential, but we fear red circle of doom. Since infancy, Marimello have NEVER ever ever ever owned a game system.

Expect to find mucho Katamari crafting here in the days to come. If you have some of your own, send it on.

(Image courtesy of cyberhadji. You can find this an other great prints at Fort Awesome Studios)

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Post Valentine's Day Lazy Link Haze

It has been a busy busy week for Marimello. Not very crafty though and certainly not very posty.

Here's just a few of the things the nice internet burped up for us while we were gone:
DIY City Magazine has launched and we're diggin' it.
Twinkle City Knits has a new book, Weekend Knits, which we're hankering for over here. But before we get our copy, we've been pouring over their runway show at Fashion Week here.
A couple of great art and craft collections are posted online now. Crafts Council UK's collection of fascinating objects is here. The Mingei International Museum of folk art and craft is here.
A new documentary from BFG Communications about Renee Garner of Wolfie and the Sneak is on YouTube. Check out some of the other artists they have profiled.
OKOK Gallery is having an amazing exhibit, which led to much googling of the artists' work particularly Diem Chau. Very time consuming and very beautiful.

If you're looking for something to do, check out the calendar up on the right. And never fear. We're just tired. We'll be back next week with more crafting and events.

(Image above: Ryan Jacob Smith New prints just went into his shop and Marimello is particularly fond of this one today.)

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Upcoming Craft Events: February 5 to 10

Hope you had a lovely Mardi Gras all. Welcome to Lent. We're really hoping to didn't give up craft shows for 40 days because there is a LOT to do this weekend.

Craftnight is back! This week's project is Dress-A-Rat and for just $2 you too can sip on cocktails and figure out just what that means.

Friday, February 8th:
Check out the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities opening at Roq la Rue in Seattle, WA.
In Iowa, bring a preemie project and support critically ill infants University of Iowa Hospitals. Special guest Betty Christiansen.

Saturday, February 9th:
The Los Angeles Craft Mafia is holding its very first craft show: the I Made it Market at Billy's Coffee Shop on 5th and Main in downtown, LA.
Pack up your sewing machine and take in a little knowledge at Machine Project in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Sewing 101 is a crash course happening this, next and the following weekends and there's only a few spaces left for new students.
H. Palleiko Designs, Kiki Designs, EM&Co, and Xavier will be featured from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Jewelry Trunk Show (7940 3rd St. near the Grove) in Los Angeles
In Gettysburg, PA, head on out to Emmaus for Forest Party featuring the plush art of Heidi Kenney, Jenny Harada and Spooky Daddy
The Craft and Hobby Association's Winter Convention and Trade Show kicks off in Anaheim, CA (through Wednesday the 13th)
And as usual, you have the usual NYC events: The Market NYC and Artist and Fleas

Sunday, February 10th:
This week The Southpark Flea Market is back in Los Angeles.
LA is freakin' busy this weekend! But there's plenty to do back east...
If you're through checking out The Market and Artists ad Fleas in NYC, head out to the Brooklyn Indie Market: Be Your Own Valentine
Saunter down to the Fourth Annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Pittsburgh South.
Further South, join the Richmond Craft Mafia at the Camel for I Heart Craft
And even if you're way up in Canada and still don't have the perfect Valentine, City of Craft and the Workroom are having a trunkshow featuring all kinds of great indie vendors and artists

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Charity Craft Sale: Bleeding Hearts Benefit for the Sierra Club

From our pal Renee:

Today is the day folks!
Wolfie and the Sneak are hosting a One-day market to benefit the Sierra Club.

Why would we do such a thing??

Well, in 5 short days, the US will vote whether to place land up for lease for oil drilling in the Chuckchi Sea, and, well, we kinda like the polar bears up there, want them to feel at home and not too threatened. The Sierra Club has been working extra hard to get the word out while the rest of the world focuses on the newest Spears Sister debacle and the Primaries. We sure do thank 'em for it.

So here's your chance to buy your sweetie's Valentine's Day present, or just a little something for yourself. You'll find wearable goodies ("Hung Over" eye quilt, anyone?) to fine art to satisfy every style in all price ranges.

So we hope you'll stop by, take a gander, and buy a little something. And although we can't really guarantee what a polar bear roaring really means, we sure like to think they're yelling out at great big ol' thank you.

Bear Hugs and Puppy Kisses,
Renee, Charlie, Wolfie and the Sneak