Upcoming Craft Events: February 28 to March 2

Marimello loves them craft events. Send us yours so we don't start reporting all the Demolition Derbies we could be posting here.

Fresh Impressions: Letterpress in Contemporary Art opening at the Oregon College of Art and Craft (runs through March 20)--the exhibition explores the relevance of letterpress printing in contemporary art, while seeking to define its significance to current art making practices. The participating artists include Abra Ancliffe, Jan Baker, Amy Borezo, Sarah Bryant, Macy Chadwick, Julie Chen, Wendy Fernstrum, Heather Green, Carl Haase, Diane Jacobs, Alicia McKim, Heidi Neilson, Erin Newell, Amy Pirkle, Robin Price, Harry Reese, John Riesseeuw, Regula Russelle, Wilbur Schilling, CB Sherlock, Amy Sterly, and Rachel Wiecking.

Saturday, March (no, seriously it's MARCH already?) 1:
Tinlark Gallery opening for The Garden That You Planted, featuring new paintings by Katherine Chiu and Ramis Kim at 5pm. But double super bonus! Also opening 3/1 is Mother's School, a solo show of drawings and mixed media creations by Alyson Fox. Marimello has a major crush on Alyson Fox, who you maybe have recently met on Design for Mankind's recent post.

And as usual, you have the NYC events: The Market NYC and Artist and Fleas

Sunday, March 2:
This week The Southpark Flea Market is back in Los Angeles. For reals. We swear. If it rains, Marimello will eat a knitting needle.
And don't forget to check out I Heart Rummage in its new digs at Chop Suey in Seattle.

Do you have an event you would like to promote. We simply can't find everything out there and try as we might we miss a few. Please send Marimello your event details and we'll be sure to post them on the calendar.

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