Craft Congress Invite

So Craft Congress is in the planning stages again. You can check the site here, or you can just read the about info right here on Marimello if you, like we are lazy:

CRAFT CONGRESS, the first-ever gathering of organizers in the DIY/indie craft community, is now a sweet memory!

Fifty indie craft organizers came together in Pittsburgh, PA, USA, to share ideas, find ways to work together for our mutual benefit and to make our craft community even better.

While some questions were answered, many more were raised. So, that leaves us with the task of planning the Second Annual Craft Congress in 2008!

If you'd like to help plan the 2nd Annual CC, contact: Gloria in Pittsburgh at: gtforouzan (at) gmail.com. We'll need your help with:

1. Planning topics for discussion.

2. Fund raising to keep Craft Congress affordable for participants.

3. Getting the word out to all of the organizers around the world.

We’re reaching out across the U.S.A., U.K., Canada, Australia and every where that crafty types are at work. Please help us get the word out.

Organizers please join our Yahoo group, (to brainstorm, plan, etc.), by going to: http://groups.yahoo.com/group/craftcongress2007



Happy Handmade Holidays

Sigh. To be honest, we don't like Thanksgiving. This is not to say we do not adore our family or the spirit or the slight drop in temperature.

In fact, except for the food ( NOT THE CRANBERRY SAUCE MOM) we like the whole idea of Thanksgiving. It's the only holiday that doesn't involve buying a whole bunch of stuff. So this year consider taking the handmade pledge.

The handmade pledge lists the usual benefits of buying handmade:
Buying handmade makes for better gift giving,
Buying handmade is better for people,
Buying handmade is better for the environment

Of course the premise remains the same: buying stuff. Even handmade stuff is still stuff. Whether you belong to the Black Friday camp or the Buy Nothing Day camp, crafty people have yet another option that doesn't get a whole lot of press outside the Martha Stewart camp. So while the crafty peoples are always extra busy this time of year with craft shows and such, crafty people always have the option of making their own gifts.

That said, we will still be making the rounds at the craft shows around town. Last week it was Felt Club. This weekend, it will be Handmade for the Holidays over at Fairfax High.

Just not on Friday.


Famouser than Famous

The Witch Fire Project has been getting a lot of press lately, and we think that's super cool. But, but, what about Marimello? Well it was only a matter of time, before we got our due. In fact, Marimello has been in the news quite a bit this week.

First the interview with Ravelry, was finally published on SuperNaturale, which lead to the post on CRAFT's blog yesterday. Whee! On other fronts, our presence at the super wonderful Craft Republic Fair, drew some attention and an observation that within a minute of talking to us, we are obviously a blogger. Whaaaaat? Is that curious gleem in our eye so noticeable?

And speaking of gleam...Naikfur just posted a cute picture on her blog. Which is especially cool, because we will be meeting Amy in person for dinner next week. We are so excited.

Take that Witch Fire. You are always welcome to tell people you knew us when.


We Love Marc Jacobs

Fashion obsession alert!
If you didn't know how much the Marimello office dolls spend drooling over the fashion rags and blogs, let us come out of the closet right now. It's obscene. The fact that our keyboards even work anymore...well...please, don't tell our editors.

OK, so we bought a very expensive, very popular purse a few years ago. Who didn't? Well, probably you didn't. But we bet you didn't because you thought, "oh pish posh, Marc Jabobs is for SNOBS."

And right you were. KNITTING snobs that is! Did you know his grandmother taught him to knit and that was the whole start of the fashion obsession? Did you care? We did! Anyway, we were pleased to see that Marc Jacobs (and his hair cut THANK GOD) would be traveling through town via Louis Vuitton, via Takashi Murakami via an exhibit at the Geffen, MOCA in L.A.

P.S. Manolo, if you are listening, we still own that delectable pair of peeptoes with the lime green suede. Let's go eat at Mr/ Ramen next door to the Geffen and, you know, if you ever need a model, you know where to contact us when this whole thing goes vintage...



Craft Republic Fair in Pomona: Guess where we'll be

Head on out to the first ever Craft Republic Fair in Pomona, CA (1101 W. McKinley Ave, Gate 1) this Saturday from 11am - 7pm to experience some great handmade shopping. Featuring 45 vendors who are fantastic, including Michelle Caplan and Planet Tokki. You can also take some great crafting workshops! Tickets are $2 for adults and kids under 11 are free. For more information, visit their web site. Link.

You know we'll be there. Not just for the craft fair, but for the motorcycles. Mmmmm...Motorcycles. AND we'll probably end up in the Claremont village sucking down some beers at Hero's afterwards. Come join us.



I Heart Indie Holidays is Just Around the Corner

Marimello has been so focused on updating the Witch Fire Project's shop that the holidays sort of crept up on us this year. Ever year we have another excuse to be surprised by impending holidays, but this year was a doozy.

We did not mean to keep you out of the loop dear crafties! Here's the latest news from our friend over at I Heart Indie:

I Heart Indie Holidays 2007 will premiere as the Northwest's first united independent urban craft show. Three unique NW shows spanning time and space! Three different shows on three different weekends in three different cities!

Shop with us in Seattle, Portland, and Bellingham.

- Seattle Center Pavilion, Saturday Nov. 24th, 11am-6pm
Portland - Wonder Ballroom, Sunday Dec. 2nd, Noon-5pm
Bellingham - The Majestic, Sunday Dec. 9th, Noon-6pm

Be one of the first 50 people at any show and receive a Project Bag filled with swag and crafty treasures that YOU turn into a masterpiece of crafty creativity! Put your creation on display and have your peers pick the winner! Winner of the Project gets a gift basket prize of handmade goodies!

All three shows will feature a free photo booth provided by Liminist Photography, a Seattle-based photo team specializing in portraiture, fashion, and event photography.

Our Portland and Bellingham events will feature special "men's areas" for the guys to chill out and watch TV while the gals shop till they drop!

Join us for three fun filled holiday shopping days that get you away from the crowds at the malls and back to what DIY is all about!

Shop indie, shop local, shop I Heart Indie Holidays!

Get the to one of these shows! You might even see Marimello. We stand out in a crowd.