Craft Con 2008: Last Minute Reprieve

Well we take it all back. Craft Con 2008 is still accepting applications:

The official application period for attending Craft Con 2008 has closed. But, do not despair! We will continue to accept applicants provisionally until the venue has filled. What does this mean? You may apply on a rolling basis through the week leading up to the conference, BUT we cannot guarantee that you will be included in meals or that you will recieve all conference materials. We will work hard to include everybody in these things because ongoing interest in the event is too powerful to deny!

Apply here.

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Craft Con 2008: Last day to apply!

Today is the last day to apply for Craft Con 2008 so you'd better get moving. Apply here.
"Craft Con is a business development conference for the craft community. People who make things of all types, of all backgrounds, will come together to talk about the business side of crafting, how they market themselves, and the philosophies behind it all. The conference will be held April 4-6 in San Francisco, California."
Special bonus in case the distance is holding you back--if you're in the Los Angeles area and you're looking for a ride to share, contact Marimellodesign at gmail dot com. For all of you who we already know are going, we can't wait to see you!

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Upcoming Craft Events: March 21-March 23

The weekly search for craft events to tell you about has unearthed some great treasures. Here a couple we like:

If you're in Portland, Around the Sun has a great weekly post on cheap or free things to do. Check out the link for this week, here.

Toronto Craft Alert is keeping up on Canadian happenings for you here.

The Marimello calendar is a little sparse on happenings this weekend. With the holiday, we won't be going anywhere that isn't near family, so we're guessing that is pretty much the case for all of you. Check back next week for more.

(image above is from elle's shop on etsy. We heart Elle!)

Do you have an event you would like to promote? Please send Marimello your event details and we'll be sure to post them on the calendar.

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Craft Job Post: Assistant Editor for Handmade Nation

Wanted: Assistant Editor (Milwaukee/Chicago based)

Handmade Nation - a documentary about the indie craft community - is looking for a part time assistant editor (approx 15-20 hours a week) to help in the pre-editing process of raw footage. You will be working under the direction of editor Cris Siqueira. The ideal candidate should have basic knowledge of Final Cut Pro and preferably (but not necessarily) access to a computer with enough memory and space to run the software. This is a good opportunity for editors in training to work in a feature-length project. Please watch our youtube clip before applying to get an essence of the project http://youtube.com/watch?v=zH2HWPfwpOw. Hourly rate $7 per hour to start.

Please email indiecraftdocumentary@gmail.com with "Assistant Editor Application" in the subject line:
  • contact information (name, phone, email)
  • a short resume that includes any editing experience
  • links to any work available to view online
Are you looking for some one to help out with your crafty business, or is your company looking for some one interested, talented and experienced in crafting? Posting your job description on Marimello.com entitles you to a Marimello post about your company and the position available. A great investment for just $25. If you are interested in posting your Crafty job, please contact us at marimellodesign at gmail dot com or check out the job board on the right.

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Nerd-Craft Job Post: MAKE Magazine

Wow. This is an awesome opportunity from a publication we love: MAKE magazine.

Here's the squishy:

Extraordinary Publishing Group Seeks Extraordinary Online Manager

Quick, name an upstart magazine team that's been featured on CBS News, The Colbert Report, Jimmy Kimmel Live, CNN, NBC and PBS. One that's been covered by The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, Newsweek, Wired and virtually every major daily and online blog in its first 36 months. Whose two DIY magazines won back-to-back awards for the best new magazine launch. Whose websites attract more than 3 million visitors/month and whose Weekend Projects video is one of the top-rated tech podcasts anywhere. Name a magazine team who two years ago introduced what has already become the the largest Do-It-Yourself (DIY) event on the planet. And who last year shipped thousands of DIY kits, tools and books to makers, teachers and students around the world.

If you answered O'Reilly's Maker Media group, you'd be right. In just three years, our small but motivated team has launched Make: magazine, Craft: magazine, makezine.com, craftzine.com, Maker Faire, a line of DIY books, and The Maker Store. But now, we're looking for yet another truly unique individual to join the Maker Media family in the capacity of our new Online Manager.

This is a hands-on position on a hands-on team requiring a combination of management, design, and coding skills. You need to be able to come out of one of our roundtable brainstorms, synthesize new ideas from a mix of editorial, design, brand and marketing stake holders, and then transform your ideas into reality. You will manage projects and day-to-day operations, and implement code and content for the Maker Media sites including Makezine.com, Craftzine.com, MakerFaire.com, Hackszine.com, and a few other cool ideas we're working on.

Must be able to work closely with O'Reilly's IS staff and outside vendors to ensure that features and tools are implemented properly. The online manager needs to be a self-motivated, detail-oriented individual with exceptional project management skills. At the same time, we really don't care a lot about charts and tools you learned in school, but we do want to know that you can define the tasks and organize and manage resources to get it all done.

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Upcoming Crafft Events: March 14 to 18

Hey Winnipeg! How is the DIY Fest going? If you dear readers haven't heard, the Fest is going on through the 18th. This is one of those weeks Marimello kinda wants to escape from and since escaping to Canada is so en vogue, maybe you'll see us sooner than later.

Did you not hear? It is time to move to Canada. For more than one reason. This week's reason is the Winnipeg DIY Fest, but we have to move fast though. It all wraps up on the 16th.

Tomorrow, Friday, March 14:
Craft Panel Discussion with Crafty Chica in Tempe, AZ. Changing Hands Bookstore is hosting the creamies of crafty dreamies; “Crafty Chica” Kathy Cano Murillo, Linda Young from Art Unraveled, Becky Stern of CRAFT magazine, and Cyndi Coon of Laboratory 5.
6:30-8:30 p.m.

Saturday, March 15:
Crafty Mama's Market: Visit "Austin's chic boutique for trendy spenders!" (Marimello loves a good rhyme) 9:00 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.
Big Ass Book of Crafts signing at Skylight Books in Los Feliz, Los Angeles, CA. Marimello will be there. Will you?
In NYC, check out the usual events on both Saturday and Sunday: The Market NYC and Artist and Fleas.

Sunday, March 16:
Demonstration in Balboa Park: The Craft of Woodblock Printing from 1 to 3 p.m. A step-by-step demonstration of the woodblock printing process by Igor Koutsenko, acclaimed San Diego artist.
In L.A. The Southpark Flea Market is back. Marimello's award winner for Best Weatherman Name, Dallas Raines said it might be cold. Marimello says, suck it up. In other places in the world it is still what they call winter.
Speaking of...the NYC events on both Saturday and Sunday, trudge on as scheduled: The Market NYC and Artist and Fleas

Monday, March 17:
Luck schmu-ahhhh whatever. Cross your fingers and go see if Etsy's Alchemy is up again.

Tuesday, March 18:
Los Angeles Craft Mafia is holding its very third meeting at Saints and Sinners in West LA. You'll love it. And if you're lucky, Marimello will actually be there instead of lurking in some dusty Las Vegas hotel room. Either way, you'll get the scoop.

Do you have an event you would like to promote. We simply can't find everything out there and try as we might we miss a few. Please send Marimello your event details and we'll be sure to post them on the calendar.

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Dissing Glitter? Marimello Makes War!

Marimello hasn't made up our minds about Ellen. Though were all about her sitcom and we all had mad mad crushes on her brother Vance back in the early days (the Craig Ferguson days) of the Daily Show, this may make our minds up: Ellen's dissing glitter. That's right GLITTER, one of the five food grou--, er, essentials fingers on the crafting hand of Marimello.

If you too are a little incensed by glitter dissers, and you're in Los Angeles, you may want to check this email from Crafty Chica.

Hola, my crafty sistahfriends!!

I'm writing to you to see if any of your posse would be interested in joining me in standing up in the name of sparkle in front of Ellen DeGeneres' Burbank studio this Thursday, March 13th.

I LOVE Ellen and was heartbroken when she started dissing glitter on her show because it is messy and gets everywhere. She even went on a jumbotron on Hillary Clinton's press rally and asked if she would ban glitter if Hills became our next Prez.

I want us crafters to educate Ellen and let her know about the many "safe sparkle" alternatives out there. We could help her choose the right glitter for her, so she will stop judging all glitter the same. It is LOOSE glitter she hates, so her fans need to know to send her other kinds of sparkle. Ellen is a sparkling chica, she deserves glitter that suits her!

I know glitter won't be banned, but I thought it would be fun if all of us crafters stepped up with "safe sparkle" alternatives.

I have the power of Duncan Enterprises behind me, we are all driving down there with signs and samples of non-messy glitter. The PR lady is sending out a press release to all the major news outlets.

I think Ellen would get a kick out of it and maybe even come outside to meet us.

So, basically, I'm in need of more bodies to join me! Interested??

Mucha gracias (holds scissors over heart in respect)

Kathy :-)

p.S. Please email me at kathy(at)craftychica.com

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Upcoming Craft Events: March 6 to 10

Marimello heart heart hearts the craft events. This weekend is gonna be a doozy!

Come make Fly in the Wind Bird Fans from 9pm til' midnight at Akbar. There's a $2 processing fee, for all the fun feathers and googly-eyes, but bring some more cash for the yummy cocktails! Go check out the CRAFTNIGHT schedule here.

Tomorrow, March 6:
Out at the Pomona Fairgrounds, check out the Pomona Craft and Sewing Show happening Thursday through Sunday.
In Seattle, Etsy Rain is having their first SHOP Stir
In Portland, Moshi Moshi is having a show featuring artists include Bwana Spoons, Ryan Berkeley, and Chelsea Fletcher. 6 -9 p.m.
In NYC, DIY Salon with Church of Craft are having a fantabulous extravaganza at the Museum of Art and Design. Local do-it-yourself artists will demonstrate their personal skills and help guide you in creating your own projects. Techniques will range from unconventional embroidery to button-making to fiber text and many other contemporary twists on classic crafts. 7-10 p.m.
OK so here's our pick: Compai Design Studios Book Release Party. You gotta check the site to see why we love Compai so much.

Friday March 7:
Head back out to Pomona or recover. Apparently Thursday is the new Friday.

Saturday, March 8:
Check out some more NY indie designers at the Brooklyn Homeshow.
Contemporary Crafts Market in San Francisco is happening Saturday and Sunday
Fibertastic in Sacramento with both a drop spindle and a spinning wheel demonstration, and of course, many vendors selling fiber-related wares.
Not sure about this one, but...Also in Sacramento Sellout Buyout should be having their quarterly show at Fools Foundation.
Crescent City Craft Market in NOLA with the New Orleans Craft Mafia.
Our pick for the day is DEFINITELY the SXSW Interactive Panel on High Tech Craft: Why Sewing and Knitting Still Matter. But, le sigh, we won't be there so we want anyone who does go to tell us allllllll about it.

Sunday March 9:
The Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena is back to taunt you wallet.
And if that's not enough flea market for you LA kids, this week The Southpark Flea Market is back in Los Angeles.
Craft zine is throwing launch parties all over the place, but here in LA you can trek out to the Valley and hang with Marimello at Handmade Galleries.
And as usual, you have the NYC events on both Saturday and Sunday: The Market NYC and Artist and Fleas

Monday, March 10:
It is time to move to Canada. For more than one reason. This week's reason is the Winnipeg DIY Fest, though. It's happening all week so if like Marimello and you live vicariously through blogs, be sure to check out all the cool goings on, because you know some crafty nerd will be telling us all about it.

Do you have an event you would like to promote. We simply can't find everything out there and try as we might we miss a few. Please send Marimello your event details and we'll be sure to post them on the calendar.

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Look what Marimello got!

Stickers! Thanks Garth! We here at Marimello can, will and will always CRAFT HARD!

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