Dissing Glitter? Marimello Makes War!

Marimello hasn't made up our minds about Ellen. Though were all about her sitcom and we all had mad mad crushes on her brother Vance back in the early days (the Craig Ferguson days) of the Daily Show, this may make our minds up: Ellen's dissing glitter. That's right GLITTER, one of the five food grou--, er, essentials fingers on the crafting hand of Marimello.

If you too are a little incensed by glitter dissers, and you're in Los Angeles, you may want to check this email from Crafty Chica.

Hola, my crafty sistahfriends!!

I'm writing to you to see if any of your posse would be interested in joining me in standing up in the name of sparkle in front of Ellen DeGeneres' Burbank studio this Thursday, March 13th.

I LOVE Ellen and was heartbroken when she started dissing glitter on her show because it is messy and gets everywhere. She even went on a jumbotron on Hillary Clinton's press rally and asked if she would ban glitter if Hills became our next Prez.

I want us crafters to educate Ellen and let her know about the many "safe sparkle" alternatives out there. We could help her choose the right glitter for her, so she will stop judging all glitter the same. It is LOOSE glitter she hates, so her fans need to know to send her other kinds of sparkle. Ellen is a sparkling chica, she deserves glitter that suits her!

I know glitter won't be banned, but I thought it would be fun if all of us crafters stepped up with "safe sparkle" alternatives.

I have the power of Duncan Enterprises behind me, we are all driving down there with signs and samples of non-messy glitter. The PR lady is sending out a press release to all the major news outlets.

I think Ellen would get a kick out of it and maybe even come outside to meet us.

So, basically, I'm in need of more bodies to join me! Interested??

Mucha gracias (holds scissors over heart in respect)

Kathy :-)

p.S. Please email me at kathy(at)craftychica.com

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