Upcoming Craft Events: March 6 to 10

Marimello heart heart hearts the craft events. This weekend is gonna be a doozy!

Come make Fly in the Wind Bird Fans from 9pm til' midnight at Akbar. There's a $2 processing fee, for all the fun feathers and googly-eyes, but bring some more cash for the yummy cocktails! Go check out the CRAFTNIGHT schedule here.

Tomorrow, March 6:
Out at the Pomona Fairgrounds, check out the Pomona Craft and Sewing Show happening Thursday through Sunday.
In Seattle, Etsy Rain is having their first SHOP Stir
In Portland, Moshi Moshi is having a show featuring artists include Bwana Spoons, Ryan Berkeley, and Chelsea Fletcher. 6 -9 p.m.
In NYC, DIY Salon with Church of Craft are having a fantabulous extravaganza at the Museum of Art and Design. Local do-it-yourself artists will demonstrate their personal skills and help guide you in creating your own projects. Techniques will range from unconventional embroidery to button-making to fiber text and many other contemporary twists on classic crafts. 7-10 p.m.
OK so here's our pick: Compai Design Studios Book Release Party. You gotta check the site to see why we love Compai so much.

Friday March 7:
Head back out to Pomona or recover. Apparently Thursday is the new Friday.

Saturday, March 8:
Check out some more NY indie designers at the Brooklyn Homeshow.
Contemporary Crafts Market in San Francisco is happening Saturday and Sunday
Fibertastic in Sacramento with both a drop spindle and a spinning wheel demonstration, and of course, many vendors selling fiber-related wares.
Not sure about this one, but...Also in Sacramento Sellout Buyout should be having their quarterly show at Fools Foundation.
Crescent City Craft Market in NOLA with the New Orleans Craft Mafia.
Our pick for the day is DEFINITELY the SXSW Interactive Panel on High Tech Craft: Why Sewing and Knitting Still Matter. But, le sigh, we won't be there so we want anyone who does go to tell us allllllll about it.

Sunday March 9:
The Rose Bowl Flea Market in Pasadena is back to taunt you wallet.
And if that's not enough flea market for you LA kids, this week The Southpark Flea Market is back in Los Angeles.
Craft zine is throwing launch parties all over the place, but here in LA you can trek out to the Valley and hang with Marimello at Handmade Galleries.
And as usual, you have the NYC events on both Saturday and Sunday: The Market NYC and Artist and Fleas

Monday, March 10:
It is time to move to Canada. For more than one reason. This week's reason is the Winnipeg DIY Fest, though. It's happening all week so if like Marimello and you live vicariously through blogs, be sure to check out all the cool goings on, because you know some crafty nerd will be telling us all about it.

Do you have an event you would like to promote. We simply can't find everything out there and try as we might we miss a few. Please send Marimello your event details and we'll be sure to post them on the calendar.

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