I Heart Rummage's Triumphant Return

Get your wallets ready because I Heart Rummage is BACK! Since the sad closure of Seattle's famed Crocodile Cafe (who really needs to take their site down, ahem), I Heat Rummage has been homeless. So big thanks to Pete for offering up Chop Suey in Capitol Hill.
Here's the details from Marimello's bestest Seattle crafty pal, Cassandra:

Chop Suey
325 E. Madison
Seattle, WA
Capitol Hill
12 NOON-4:00PM

All of us are looking forward to the new location, new layout, and new bar and food to try!!!
We need to let all our customers know that IHR is still an all ages event, however Chop Suey requires that ONLY 21+ enter the bar area, which is also where food is ordered. There is a 21+ lounge area where food can be enjoyed at a table, however children are not allowed in this area. There will also be 3 IHR vendors located in the bar area, in some cases, these spots may be had by our more racy vendors. Just lettin' ya know!
Also, as many of you may know, a local artist's husband, Nicholas Francisco has gone missing. Please watch the video here. We all hope for his safe return, but until that time, we would like to help out the family. IHR will have a donation box available for donations to the family. On Monday, the donations will be taken to the family's bank account. Please help this young family in this time of need.
Sooooo..... we'll see you all on Sunday! Expect many of your old faves as well as a whole bunch of new goodies that you're going to LOVE!!!!

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