Upcoming Craft Events: February 5 to 10

Hope you had a lovely Mardi Gras all. Welcome to Lent. We're really hoping to didn't give up craft shows for 40 days because there is a LOT to do this weekend.

Craftnight is back! This week's project is Dress-A-Rat and for just $2 you too can sip on cocktails and figure out just what that means.

Friday, February 8th:
Check out the Cabinet of Natural Curiosities opening at Roq la Rue in Seattle, WA.
In Iowa, bring a preemie project and support critically ill infants University of Iowa Hospitals. Special guest Betty Christiansen.

Saturday, February 9th:
The Los Angeles Craft Mafia is holding its very first craft show: the I Made it Market at Billy's Coffee Shop on 5th and Main in downtown, LA.
Pack up your sewing machine and take in a little knowledge at Machine Project in Echo Park, Los Angeles. Sewing 101 is a crash course happening this, next and the following weekends and there's only a few spaces left for new students.
H. Palleiko Designs, Kiki Designs, EM&Co, and Xavier will be featured from 12 p.m. to 8 p.m. at the Jewelry Trunk Show (7940 3rd St. near the Grove) in Los Angeles
In Gettysburg, PA, head on out to Emmaus for Forest Party featuring the plush art of Heidi Kenney, Jenny Harada and Spooky Daddy
The Craft and Hobby Association's Winter Convention and Trade Show kicks off in Anaheim, CA (through Wednesday the 13th)
And as usual, you have the usual NYC events: The Market NYC and Artist and Fleas

Sunday, February 10th:
This week The Southpark Flea Market is back in Los Angeles.
LA is freakin' busy this weekend! But there's plenty to do back east...
If you're through checking out The Market and Artists ad Fleas in NYC, head out to the Brooklyn Indie Market: Be Your Own Valentine
Saunter down to the Fourth Annual Pittsburgh Knit & Crochet Festival at the Crowne Plaza Hotel, Pittsburgh South.
Further South, join the Richmond Craft Mafia at the Camel for I Heart Craft
And even if you're way up in Canada and still don't have the perfect Valentine, City of Craft and the Workroom are having a trunkshow featuring all kinds of great indie vendors and artists

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