Maker Friends at Maker Faire

Well-rested and bright-eyed we were not when the Mari-wagon rolled up to Maker Faire on Saturday. But our eyes sure did pop out of our heads when the very first person we talked to was Melissa, from the Sacramento Craft Mafia, who coincidentally attended elementary school with us. Like whoa Scoob.

All around it was a great weekend for making online connections tangible. We saw Dayna The Crafty Scientist and one of the great minds behind our bff craft zine CROQ. We spied the luscious beer cozies of Karrie (as featured on May 4th) snuggling between the books on the Chronicle books table.
We met Sandy Drobny whose really gorgeous aprons woven from plastic shopping bags put the most recent Functionality Friday to shame.
We met Narumi Ogwa from Mr. Funky and fell in love with Tito there on the left.

We chilled at the Etsy table and got ourselves some cute schwag though to our surprise though more Etsy sellers are not listed as having been at the Faire.

As things were winding down on Sunday, we were dreading the drive back to lalaland until we saw Tsai-fi who made this completely rad brooch. Now who wants to be Marimello's date for the prom?

Check out some of our other new friends too:
Matt from Custom Industries, a great street clothing company with graphics inspired by his worldly travels.

Andy from Plastigami, who makes, well exactly what plastigami sounds like: origami out of plastic. Only this is big and you can sit on it. Cool.

Heidi from My Paper Crane who really needs to make us one of those bananas with the big googly eyes.

Deborah from ChicCosas who crosstitched the really cute pillow on the left.

Michael from Todo Monthly, a pocket sized mag that covers all things cool to do in SF.

Thea from Green Light Magazine an online magazine covering the green life.

Let's not forget our trip to Mary Jane's Attic where the yarns and fibers and felt glow. Eat your heart out Ma.

And while the crafts and crafter consumed most of out weekend, it would be impossible to highlight Maker Faire without talking about the machines. Power tool drag racing, wooden bicycles and robots robots robots. Our favorite of course was the life-sized talking giraffe blaring techno as it shuffled through the fairground. Click here for the video if you don't believe us.

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Melissa Haworth said...

Hi! Thanks for the mention--it was great to meet you at Maker Faire. I guess it pays to be at the booth right by the front door.