Radical Crafting with Mainstream Sponsorship

Now through June 17th the New York Museum of Arts & Design is exhibiting Radical Lace and Subversive Knitting. Where is a teleporter when we need one, eh?
Marimello is certainly not the first to mention this awesome exhibit of surprising, fresh, engaging, craft, but has anyone else but Knitty Two-Shoes noticed that the exhibit's media sponsor is Vogue Knitting? Sure, Vogue's got the money bags, but the exhibited works are not likely designs to appear in Vogue Knitting.
So first of all props to Vogue for bringing craft as art to the mainstream. It would be difficult for Marimello to argue that this type of sponsorship will not benefit the entire art/DIY/craft community.
Vogue knitting has not only reformed the world of couture knitting (and also our other secret obsession with mainstream fashion) but has now allied themselves with a radical knitting world in a way that is an interesting parallel to the NYMA&D exhibition. Both the exhibition and Vogue knitting are well within the skill set of the avid lacer/knitter. The likelihood of crafters' interest in both complex formulaic patterns and out of this world art design would be easy to document.
But are the goals of the sponsor and the crafter the same? Admittedly, Vogue Knitting may not be the aspirational knitting guide for the DIY crafter yet oh how we want to crank these capes out by the thousand. Ne c'est pas?

So, while Vogue Knitting co-opts the subversive culture of crafting in its sponsorship, thus making it not perhaps the best sponsor for the project, the benefit to the craft culture might just outweigh the corporate sponsorship. Weigh in. Marimello is wildly interested.

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