Back To School: Marimello's abandoned projects, Summer 2007 edition

This is the first year since high school that we've had a summer vacation. And we had so many plans laid for things we were going to accomplish...sigh. Apparently the long break form vacations has taught us nothing. Once again Labor Day is right around the corner and all we have done is the laundry. Here's just a few of the things we've flaked on this year:

Project 1) Get back into Ceramics. Speaking of High School, we were once heavily into ceramics. It was such a pleasant calming craft, and the studio definitely had the bast air conditioning. We were interested to start up again when we saw Barry's Big Clay Blog which included some great video posts. Reason for flaking: our house has the worst air conditioning and we already have 14,000 mugs.

Project 2) Learn to Crochet. The Marimello staff is full of knitters. Crochet does not make sense at all, but earlier this summer we were inspired by hyperbolic crochet and rushed out t obuy matching hooks. A couple of days ago this pattern for crazy cat hats showed up on Craftster and our interest was renewed. Maybe it's not to late for this one. Reason for possible flaking: the cat is not amused.

Project 3) Intarsia. We saw this video post that made it look so easy. Unfortunately we are very picky about our color combos and couldn't make up our minds. We completely forgot about the whole thing after one crazy week running from yarn shop to yarn shop. Official reason for flaking: whatever we choose color-wise, it will be warm. Let's put this one off 'til winter.

Project 4) Yohji Yamamoto's super cute jacket. Doesn't it look fab? So simple, so comfy; this should be the official new uniform in the Marimello office. Reason for flaking: we have no excuse on this one.

So with summer dwindling down, it looks like all we have time for is wallpapering our doors. It's about time we revamped the color scheme around here and this project looks so simple ever we cannot fail to complete it. Let's just hope the landlord doesn't come by.

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