Philip Island Little Penguins: I can has jumper?

What's cute? Little Penguins. What's cuter than cute? Little Penguins used to be called Fairy Penguins. AWWWW!
What's not so cute? That these little guys get all covered with yuck when big tankers illegally dump fuel or crude oil. While concerned penguin lovers can wash the oily birds off, the process logically fucks with their natural abilities to repel water, leaving the penguins cold and not in a cute Chilly Willy way. What? Take away the cutness? Being the most adorable things since kittens there has to be a cute solution right? So this here news from the world of charity crafting is the cutest thing to come across our radar in a long time, albeit it's a little (read "pretty much really") old. So old in fact that the project is over and now the Tasmanian Conservation Trust has switched it's focus to keeping the Little Penguins off the road and out from under cars.
Read about the habits of Little (Can we still call them Fairy?) Penguins here.
Read about the Tasmanian Conservation Trust and the Jumpers project's success here.
Sadly there isn't any need for you to knit a penguin sweater as they collected more that 15,000 (!) but that doesn't mean you can't knit one up anyway. Just think of the questions you'll get next time you're knitting on the subway or in the Dr.'s office.
And of you're really hankering to do some good with you skills, check out craftivism.com where Betsy Greer's activism is always inspiring.



sk8ordiehard said...

While that's mind bogglingly cute, it's so terribly sad...holy crap! can't we find a better way?

Why can't we ever seem to be responsible with oil!?!

Day to Day Chronicles said...

Wow. At first I was blown away by the cuteness, but what a sad story. Poor little penguins.

Anonymous said...

i love pengies and so do my familey and when i see trees be taken down i say '' i am going to sew those ppl'' so ya