Craft Resurgence Crest: Say it Ain't So

Personally we LIKE football glowing the background while we craft, but when the boys aren't looking, we switch to the DIY network.

Rumors are swirling around the blogs that the DIY Network may be canceling some of the programs we all love though. Average Jane Craft has drawn up a letter and encourages readers to write to the network and express their concerns. Go for it if you like, however upon a little further digging, we discovered that the network is not canceling the programs, just reshuffling their schedule to accommodate their core audience's tastes. Which of course makes sense for a business that survives on advertising revenues.

The one thing that we found has actually been canceled is Vicki Howell's Knitty Gritty marathon on Super Bowl Sunday. Last year this time, we didn't have cable, so watching was out of the question. But this year we won't have the chance. Here's the scoop from Vicki's blog:

Oh, before I forget, I just got word that DIY nixed the Knitty Gritty marathon (aka the Knit In), 2008 in favor of a bathroom renovation they're calling, the Toilet Bowl. Soooo, I know I told a lot of people that the KG special would air on Superbowl Sunday but that's apparently no longer the case. I'll keep you posted on any new developments but in the meantime, if you're looking for more Knitty Gritty love and want to tell the network(s) about it, here's where you can send your comments:
DIY Network Viewer Comments
HGTV Viewer Comments

Toilet Bowl?

Canceling a program sucks. There's no way around it. But, moving the crafty programming to 2 in the morning works great for us night owls. Sure, it doesn't do much to introduce crafting to people who might not otherwise give it a try, but that's our job. Make a point to take your knitting (or whatever) with you somewhere. Bar, Superbowl party, whatever; people are curious and it will keep your hands out of the cheese dip.

And if you're looking for something charitable to do with your Super Bowl sit fest, consider checking out other charities to which you could be donating, and do something for them. Knit a hat. Knit an afghan square. Check out the Witch Fire Project, hint hint. Let the football lull you, crack a beer, and get to it.


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