Crafty Bummer: MagKnits closes up shop

Marimello strives to be a resource and to provide you dear readers with calendar and job info. It's tough stuff, but not as tough as some of the other crafty services being provided out there in the internet. So tough in fact, that it can be overwhelming and it is with sadness that we read about MagKnits closing up shop after a four year run. It is with even greater sadness that the reason stems from a surge of negative feedback about the site:

"Lou and I have thought long and hard about what kind of action to take, and as hard as it is for me to give up MagKnits I know that it is the right thing for us to do. The amount of negative feedback we have been receiving has hugely increased this year and to be perfectly honest there is only so much of ourselves that we can give to the site. Someone made a comment about us earlier in the week that we would be stupid to run a business that didn't pay us a salary, this made us sit back and think 'Yes, you're right. We would be stupid to carry on giving so much and getting little in return.'"

Bummer. The silver lining is of course that the designers whose patterns were published on MagKnits own their designs and we expect to see a bunch of them posted on blogs. And also we're glad to hear of Kerrie's continued efforts on the big old supply site, Yarn Forward.

If you are really too bummed, go brighten your day with the neatoness in Amanda Sainsbury's shop.

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Justin said...


Justin from Wordclay here. Thanks for your comment on our blog freeself-publishing.com

You're completely right. The distinctions between crafters and makers and DIYers and MIYers are very subtle and depend on a number of factors.

But definitely feel free to repost any of our DIY/MIY post (or any Wordclay post for that matter) that you deemed helpful.

If possible, we would appreciate a tilt of the hat or a nod in our direction as well.

Great blog and articles here, by the way! Keep up the good work!