Economy Schmeeee-conomy: Etsy Posts Plus Signs

Those of you who have only been reading along for the last year, might not have noticed the frothy edges of Marimello's mouth when speaking about buying handmade. Suffice to type that Marimello toots the importance of buying handmade for a number of reasons, yet begrudges the need to consume and buy anything in almost the same breath.

Let's not get into the complete description here.

We gotta keep it short, because it's time to hit the road for Maker Faire, but we don't want to rub it in that we are going to the most fantastical geek fest, so here's some good news to leave you with:
Not making it to Maker Faire is nothing to be sorry about because there is SO MUCH going on this weekend. Check out the calendar for other options.
OK so what's the good economy news? While news about recession/slow economy growth keeps pouring in, Etsy news looks bright.
One one level, for sellers, maybe Etsy is sending out the "nothing to see here" message of calm. The last month has seen growth, but maybe not as much as projected.
Sales are out of this world though, so on another level it would seem that Etsy is succumbing to the same old slow down that most retailers are experiencing. Which is not as sad as it sounds! This might be the sign that Etsy really is legitimizing the handmade movement as a force to be reckoned with. Sure, Etsy has been making big waves in the smaller realm of the handmade community, but now it looks like some of those waves might be big enough to appear on the larger online consumer economy. Etsy certainly has the mainstream press to prove its influence on a larger social scale and reporting these kinds of numbers might fall on more mathematical ears as a sign of a new type of consumerism.

Your thoughts are welcomed...is Etsy's glass half full? What on earth does that mean? Should the handmade movement necessarily move forward in the mainstream?

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