Craft Job Post: Bazaar Bizarre Web Help

Marimello is sick as a sick dog, friends so please excuse the sparse/lazy style postings...we have however been adding to the calendar so check out all the new events.

Here's the post from Bazaar Bizarre:

We hope your summer has started off crafty and cool! The folks here at Bazaar Bizarre San Francisco are looking for a special person to take on some web maintenance for our part of the Bazaar Bizarre Web Site.

What we're looking for:

* A fellow crafter with expertise in HTML and FTPing files. Some graphic design experience is a plus!

* Ability to make minor changes as needed to the site from home. We have an expected rate of 2-3 days turn around. Peak work times are 2 months before a show. SF currently produces 2-3 shows a year.

* Commitment of one year to volunteer your services to us. We really don't anticipate this task taking up a lot of your time, but you have to be responsive and available by e-mail most of the year.

If you're interested in applying please send a message to:

E-mail Address: sf_info [at] bazaarbizarre [dot] org
Subject Heading: BBSF Web Maintenance Application

Include in your E-mail:
  • Name
  • Contact information
  • Vendor Name + Url
  • List previous shows you have vended with us
  • A link to a resume or portfolio of your work
  • What your work schedule is like for the next year
  • Why you would be interested in becoming a permanent member of the Bazaar Bizarre Volunteer Team

Applications will be reviewed by several city organizers from Baz Biz. Thanks in advance to any interested parties! We really appreciate all the great support and feedback you have given us over the last year!

Are you looking for some one to help out with your crafty business, or is your company looking for some one interested, talented and experienced in crafting? Posting your job description on Marimello.com entitles you to a Marimello post about your company and the position available. A great investment for just $25. If you are interested in posting your Crafty job, please contact us at marimellodesign at gmail dot com or check out the job board on the right.

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