Stitch N'Pitch: Call the Paparazzi

Extra Extra! Little Ms. Popular to been seen knitting in public!

Knitting in public is fun! You all know this already: not only can the warm fuzzy blankie feeling relieve the pressure of a dreaded dr. visit, but the people you meet when your craft is in your hands are ten gazillion times more interesting. I find people bubbling over, telling stories about their mothers when in the presence of any craft. In my experience it is a very safe bet that even if I was decoupaging the dentist's own Sunset magazines to his table, someone would let fly with a story about their grandma's tatted bedspread.

Which is why I am wondering what crafting in public will mean at Stitch n' Pitch. I mean sure, we've all knitted through a child's ball game (well in my case, a sibling's soccer game). And certainly those of you with a decent transit system can attest to the joys of crafting on the go, but this is a real honest-to-gosh Major League Baseball event. Drunk morons will spill devoted baseball fans fans will pour over my precious precious project. This could be a better ego trip than rewriting my resume, or it might be an interesting door opening onto the wide world of felting with beer.

So take me out to the ball game people! Join me in LA May 22nd and in SD July 22nd!

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