Wonderland Retreat

These past couple weeks, medical emergencies seem to be popping up around town like a bad cold. I groan at the thought of making another meatloaf to bring over to a friend's house, but am quick to remember the joy I felt when my friends rallied around me in the hospital a couple months ago. And it's an expensive way to find out who your friends are--my bills gave me a shock that might have sent me back to the ER had I not been so heavily sedated--so I also am quick to remember that every little thing I can do is a much bigger thing to the sicky in bed.

So in this spirit I want to remind every one of the Wonderland Retreat. As many crafters have already heard, Alison Gordon, crafter of Wonderland Q, co-organizer of Bazaar Bizarre, and Sample Contributor Relations superhero recently faced a medical emergency. Like many other independent artists and crafters, Alison is without health insurance.

Her friends created Wonderland Retreat on Etsy to help ease the financial burden of her ordeal. If you would like to help a fellow crafter, please consider purchasing an item below or donating an item of your own. To donate an item, please contact renee garner at wonderlandretreat@gmail.com for more information. To make a monetary donation of any size, please send paypal to info@auroraseven.com

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