Ready, Set, Film: Marimello Spaces Out!

Oh NO! In all our anger and frothing at the mouth earlier about what a crap week it has been we forgot to send out the love for the very cool the 48 Hour Film Project happening this weekend in Los Angeles. If you haven't heard from you film school hottie this weekend, maybe this explains it all. Come out in droves next weekend, when the films will be screened. If you think you're on deadline, or you think the pressure for an upcoming event is too much, then you haven't lived through making a film in 48 hours. These people are indie hardcore!
In a nutshell, the 48 our Film Project is exactly what it sounds like only harder. Participating teams have an infinite time period to put together a crew and cast, but only 48 hours to write, edit and complete the entirely original film. The hard (or fun, depending on your yum/yuck threshold) part is keeping them honest. At 7 p.m. on Friday each team was issued a mandatory set of rules including a genre, a character's name and occupation, a prop and a line of dialogue. Films are due on Sunday at, duh, 7 p.m.
Now, Marimello likes a tight deadline as much as the next journo, but when it comes to crafting, we haven't seen much of this balls out, indie spirit. Just for spite, in the coming days Marimello will post a timed crafting challenge. We just have to think of something accessible and ludicrous enough to make you balk and pony up. Get your sticks out and dig through your most unappealing leftovers. You know that's where we'll be heading first.
Ready, Set, Craft.


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