How To: stay off the internets and seek out 3D peeps

There's so much to do this weekend, we thought we'd give you a head start deciding:
In LA, get your ipod and head down to Swap Meet. Have a beer and go pirate the music. Maybe have a few beers, get up on the stage and sing the music. But remember the warning posted on the site, "According to recent legal decisions, inducing anyone to use physical space for the purpose of sharing music may render the space-time continuum illegal. Use the space-time continuum at your own risk!"
If you're near Santa Monica on Saturday, check out Fashion Swap Meet. It may not be super crafty, but you are sure to get some good inspiration. Stop by our Maker Faire friend's booth, Custom Industries and tell them we sent you.
Speaking of not crafty, Marimello will be missing you all this weekend and heading out of town to San Diego and ComicCon. Bet you didn't think we were such nerds, but truth be told, we had a huge crush on The Preacher.
If you too won't be in Lalaland either, there's still too much to do.
Friday, Etsy is putting out the Trashion in Brooklyn. Come make trash into treasure for free! As it should be, we think.
If that doesn't satisfy your crafty needs, then on Saturday check out NYCreates in Red Hook (Brooklyn).
Sunday, in Portland, clap your hands for Handmade Bazaar. It's a tim tested, Pacific Northwest approved craft fair that Marimello wishes we had a teleporter for.

Heck, if you aren't anywhere near any of these event, don't cry. Check out Handmade Bazaars instructions for starting your own bazaar. And if starting traditions is your thing, but a whole craft fair sounds a little daunting, may we recommend starting up a craft night at your local pub. Heck, that's where you'll find Marimello. Tonight we'll be lapping up the crafts at Craft Night, hosted at Silverlake's oasis, Akbar.

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