I Heart Rummage Craft Swap: Aug. 4th

Oh Seattle, you tempt us again with your fun fun events. Saturday August 4th from 2:30 to 6 p.m. at the Ballard Library, there is one heck of a craft swap going on (and the teleporter still isn't ready). Also it sounds like GASP this delicious event might be canceled (or we might get beat up) if we don't sign up.
Here's a repost from our IHR friend Cassandra:

We have local trading superstar Rosalie Gale of bARTer Sauce fame trading with us, Ginger from our fundraiser recipient Ginger's Pet Rescue will be joining us to tell us about all the special doggies that need our help, we're going to have a special networking table hosted by the Seattle Craft Mafia, and as usual there will be snacks galore! So join us for a fun filled afternoon of trading, networking, and snacking! And remember, we're doing it for the doggies!

So… what IS the Crafty Supply Swap, you ask? Well it's only Seattle's funnest trading extravaganza ever! Remember when you bought a bunch of cool crafty stuff that you thought for sure you'd make into that super cool thing you had an idea for? But somehow, you never got around to making it. Now that cool crafty stuff is just collecting dust or getting shuffled from one storage bin to another. Face it, you're never gonna make that super cool thing.

So, what to do with all that crafty goodness? SWAP IT!!!!

Come for an afternoon of pre-holiday trading, chatting, snacking and fun!

What can you bring? Anything you've got!

Bring anything you have that you didn't get around to using and probably never will. Maybe someone else has something that you WILL use!

Help each other and yourselves by clearing out your old craft supplies and offering them up for grabs!

Have fun trading with other crafters. See old friends, make new friends, get cool stuff, and know that you are contributing to a good cause!

Ginger's Pet Rescue is an amazing service that to date has saved 394 dogs' lives, this year alone! Ginger specializes in death row dogs, those that are in immediate danger of being put down. Ginger will be on hand at the Crafty Supply Swap to talk about what she does and to answer any questions you might have. Ginger would appreciate doggie contributions of any kind that you can provide to help care for these rescued dogs.

bARTer Sauce will also be joining the Crafty Supply Swap this year with Saucey goodness for all. bARTer Sauce is a trading experiment for art and odd objects that was supposed to last one year -- but is already well on its way to year two. The basic idea was to start with one item, in this case, an old laptop, and trade it for something else. Then take what was gotten from the laptop and trade it for something different. And on and on and on.

Bring something you've made (or something weird that you want to get rid of) to the Crafty Supply Swap and trade with The Sauce You'll get a write up in the Sauce's weekly (or every other weekly) blog. All you need is the item, a witty (not required) story about the item or how you got it and the willingness to be photographed with The Sauce.

Date: Saturday, August 4, 2007

Time: 2:30-6:00pm

Location: Ballard Library, Seattle WA

$8 donation, 50% of which goes to Ginger's Pet Rescue

The deadline is July 31, so if you are in the area or if you love puppies and don't want them to die, head to the Ballard Library and make yourself some friends.


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