Marimello Hearts I Heart Rummage

Here in LA the Crocodile Cafe is a shitty chain restaurant we haven't seen in a while and are not sure if it is still in business. However in Seattle the Crocodile Café is muuuuch cooler and every first Sunday of the month, they host I Heart Rummage.

According to Marimello's Seattle correspondent, "it's the cute craft fair that your mom would drag you to as a kid but has all the stuff you want. Like Etsy come to life…and with you can get breaky before or after you shop if you find yourself famished." Check out the vibe on the new video here.

Food? Crafts? How could we resist? But not being in Seattle we hit the internet and met up with Cassandra Lanning who has been running a one-woman show for the last year.

IHR though has been around for almost six years, throwing events on the first Sundays of almost every month. [CORRECTIONS ABOUND!] You can catch them next at Bumbershoot.
That's right, Bumbershoot. Craft+Food+Music. It's like Heaven except it still costs money.
The next regular show at the Croc is September 16.

But IHR isn't just a pretty craft fair. Says Cassandra, "We are currently offering a series of free summer craft classes to our customers as well as other vendors. The classes are being taught by several of our expert vendors in the areas of jewelry making, needle felting, card making, sewing and home-brewing (yep, that means BEER!)." They're building a full-fledged crafting (albeit a little tipsy) army.

Contact Cassandra and check out their site here. Stay tuned Mello readers, for more IHR events.

(And P.S. Seattalians or Seattlites or whatever you are calling yourselves these days, Marimello's got a craving for some clouds. You never know when we'll be invading!)


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