Open Letter From the Editor to The Great Northwest

Dear Pacific Northwest,
While I type this, it is exactly four billion degrees outside and a helicopter is really harshing the mello in the Marimello compound.

It has come to my attention that while your traffic also sucks and the weather will make me suicidal, there is stuff we will otherwise miss dearly if we are not immediately snuggled into your tree lined bosom. So I would like to request that you northern states band together and put together a set of sky buckets for the Marimello staff and haul us up there for all the fun. It is exactly no fair that you did not invite us in the first place and we feel a sky bucket ride is the only fair compensation for our woe.

Please drop us all off at the following stops:

PDXEtsy, where our fellow Etsians will gather and bring the wonder that is Etsy to life.

Churchmouse Yarns & Teas where our hero, Amy Singer of Knitty.com makes her first and only Seattle-area appearance at Churchmouse Yarns & Teas on Bainbridge Island. I also require spots for the staff at her evening class wherein she reveals the non-wool secrets of her book, No Sheep for You! Failing that we will need spots in her daytime lace classes.


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