Inferno in SoCal

Hey Crafties,
Wracking you brain for ways to help out the parched/burnt communities in Southern California? Know some one who's been evacuated. The Marimello clan alone has about 15 members evacuated from 7 homes. It's enough to make our heads spin.

And spin they did, until we settled on this idea for a charity raffle/donation site. We thought we would set up a collective to raise money for charities in SoCal. Through this new blog, Marimello is looking for donations of items that are less than $5-$10 (your cost), anything bigger will be put into a raffle. The drawing for these items will work thusly: names will come from a pool of anyone who donates, buys, or just sends in a good contribution story will be entered.
Email or leave comments if you can help!

Check it out here: witch-fire.blogspot.com



WendyB said...

I'll give you a pair of tiny aquamarine stud earrings for your raffle. I don't have a photo of them though. I'll overnight them somewhere if you want and you can take your own photo. Contact me via wbjewelry at gmail dot come.

Anonymous said...

oh gosh, i'm so sorry to hear about this... acutally, i went to rancho bernardo hs... and my family lived in pq for many years, now they live in temecula, but my sis & kids + turtle had to evacuate her home on palomar mtn....

it's crazy what's happening down there, i'm very worried for all of you.

marimello said...

OMG I went to Poway, lived in PQ and Rancho Bernardo. Are you sure we're not the same person?
Thanks for you well wishing. I am sending good vibes your way too!