Craft Job Post: Photojojo Writer Extrordinaire

Flickr is a great tool for crafters. Marimello is not so good with the cameras, so you won't see to much of us, but if YOU'RE on flickr, you've probably seen or heard of Photojojo.
If not, here's a little bit about Photojojo:
We publish an insanely great newsletter on photography.

More specifically, we scour the internets, rip pages out of magazines, ransack our friends' closets, and go through dumpsters to find the very best Photo tips, DIY projects, and Gear.

Hello, there.

Photojojo is an email newsletter with awesome photograpy tips, DIY ideas, and gear. We also run an online store, make a product or two, are working on a book that comes out on Random House next year, and some fun online tools and toys for photography. People seem to like us.

We're just two folks, but we have big dreams and big ambition, and we're looking for one amazing boy or girl to join our crusade to stand for everything photography + fun.

This is a dream job for anyone who loves photography, writing, and all this internet stuff, and wants to help invent the future of Photojojo.

Responsibilities and all that jazz
You will be primarily responsible for writing our twice-weekly photo newsletter, working on a Photojojo Book project, and coming up with, discovering, and researching awesome photo projects, then making them happen.

But because we're a tiny company, you'll get to do a little bit of everything -- building and nurturing a community of photo enthusiasts, identifying and working with contributors, helping to find new items for the Photojojo store, spreading the word about Photojojo far and wide, planning the occasional event, etc.

Why this rocks
We have over 150,000 subscribers and over a quarter million people visit our site every month, so your work will be seen far and wide. You'll also get to learn all about marketing and spreading ideas online, and taking an idea from concept to launch and beyond.

Who we're looking for
We're looking for someone to whom this opportunity sounds like a dream come true. Someone who's an excellent and fast writer and handy with crafts and DIY. Someone exceptionally creative and fun who's also self-motivated, disciplined, optimistic, and has stellar follow-through. Basically, a super human.

It's a plus if you have prior writing experience, art/craft background, spunk, a blog and flickr account, and know HTML.

Location: This is a full-time job opening in San Francisco, CA. It starts as soon as we find you.

How to Apply
1) Write us a note and tell us why you're the one. The more you tell us about yourself, the better. We want to know what makes you awesome.
2) Attach a resume, writing samples, links to your photos, your profile on facebook, your blog, whatever. Show us things. (Best formats: links, PDF, JPG, TXT, RTF) Be sure to give us specifics on your writing/editing, photo, and craft/DIY experience.
3) Email it in soon. We're eager to meet you! :)

If we like what we see, we'll either meet up in person or ask you for more information.

our site: http://photojojo.com/
about us: http://photojojo.com/about
press: http://photojojo.com/press

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