Craft links a la mode: 11.14.09

Marimello isn't quite dead, but it sure needs a major overhaul. So while I'm busy thinking about what I want to do with this space, here's some pretties for you to peruse.
  • Paper Fashion accessories (ahem, SHOES) from LeCreativeSweatshop. Art? Craft? Design? Whatever. It's certainly inspiration for the paper crafter. (via GreenMuze)
  • This cute unicorn is on my list of to do. It reminds me of my mother's knitted creche animals.
  • These are also AHHHMAZING.
  • Wool and the Gang (kind of like knitting for hipsters, but cool) opened up a shop in SoHo. I'll be in New York next week and I'm definitely going to check this out. I'll post more about it after I visit, but I'm really looking forward to checking out this new twist (yuk yuk) on the traditional LYS. (via coolhunting)
  • I've been recycling a lot of chains to make necklaces lately (see above) and apparently I'm not the only one. Check out this convertable chain project posted on M.I.S.S. this week. (via IFB)
  • In case you've been living under a rock, the Handmade Nation DVD is finally shipping from Buy Olympia. I pre-ordered it and when I got it a couple weeks ago, I watched it twice in one night.
  • Speaking of just out, Powell's tells me that Jane Austen's Sewing Box is out. I don't have a copy for review yet, and I'm not much use when it comes to sewing, but no doubt some bloggers out there will preview some of the projects for you. Ms. Austen seems to be having quite the fall if you ask me. The New York Times tells me that there's a good Jane Austen exhibit at the Morgan Library. Maybe I'll check that out next week too. (via Craft)
  • In the Important Craft News category, the American Craft Council has announced that it is moving headquarters from NYC to Minneapolis. This is really interesting and seems to be a move inspired by the high cost of doing business in the city. I wonder if this is part of a larger shift in the focus of the future of the craft movement. What do you think?
  • I'm also interested to know what you all think about Regretsy and Badder Homes and Gardens. Both are getting a lot of press. Both are hilarious. Is everyone in on the joke though?
  • And if you've been missing Marimello, well I'm sorry. I've been posting more inspiration, some of it crafty, over on my tumblr here.

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