Links a la mode: 1.21.10

The weather here in LA has been so bad over the last week. It's perfect for staying home with a warm laptop and my dear friend the internet. Check out this week's neat links:
  • Hell YES I want to make my own cheese! As soon as this rain subsides, I'm heading over to HomeEc!
  • I really enjoyed this review of Yarn: Remembering a Way Home over on ModCloth's blog.
  • How do you feel about craft magazines covering blogs? Personally, I love love LOVE them. However Jenny makes a point over at Craft Test Dummies. Is a magazine about craft bloggers redundant?
  • Make sure you're sitting down for this one LA peeps...Plush You is coming to town! The show isn't until August, but if you want in, you need to get your application in by the 22nd of February.
  • The call for makers at Maker Faire in San Mateo is o-p-e-n open! If you haven't already heard, they announced the dates for Maker Faire Detroit and New York too. Check it out on the site here.
  • Don't you sometimes wish you were back in school...elementary school? Here's a new reason the kids have it better these days: Craft Club! Craft club "is a new campaign that pioneers craft in schools in the UK. Lucky ducks! (via Craftivism)

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