Links a la Mode: 1.26.10

  • Handmade for Haiti updates abound over at West Coast Crafty.
  • You can now participate in Jennifer Marsh's Dream Rocket Project for a mere $25. Similar to the Gas Station Wrap project in which Marsh covered an old gas station, this project seeks to cover a Saturn V missile. I have seen the missile in person people and it is friggin' HUGE. (via International Fiber Collective)
  • We already knew it...Handmade is the New Black. (via USA Today)
  • Valentine's Day can strike dread in the heart of the hardiest New Yorker: If you're coupled, there's the delicate dance of aligning your own celebratory expectations with those of your beloved; if you're unhappily single, all the emphasis on romance can be special kind of torture. In response to this, Brooklyn Indie Market and the {NewNew} are joining forces to present "A Valentine Fling: A day of fun, flirting, and handmade shopping on Smith Street," Saturday February 13 from 11-6 at Starting Artists, 211 Smith Street. Take the F/G to the Carroll Street Station. Admission FREE.
  • Speaking of NYC happenings, there's a new handmade shop opening in Bushwick. Writes Karin, "So many creative people live here in Bushwick, but we have to travel to other neighborhoods for some good fashion. I want to showcase the handmade work of some local designers, teach workshops, and hold other events, to bring the community a little closer together and hopefully get people to visit Our neighborhood." Better Than Jam opens on the 1st, but there's a party on the 5th that shouldn't be missed. (via Karin)
  • Over at Toronto Craft Alert they're looking for writers. "We’ve been working with our fantastic editorial intern Stevie to generate more content and new ideas for columns and editorial features, and we would like to bring on a bunch of new voices to share ideas, entertain, and inspire TCA readers. We will even compensate you for your contribution!" Compensation! Yay! (via TCA)
  • For those of us in Lala land, the Urban Craft Center is having their mid-winter yarn sale.
  • Chronicle is having a sale, too. Now through Valentine's day enter code "bemine" at checkout for a 25% discount.
  • Ever wonder what happened to Craft Con? We'll you're about to find out. Head on over and sign up for the mailing list. We've got big plans for 2010.

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